Immunizations: Common Sense vs. Stagnant Science

Immunizations: Common Sense vs. Stagnant Science

By Ann Marie DeGregoria, Balanced 4 Life Nutrition,

So many of the world’s problems today would be irradiated if we just applied a little common sense – a little less follow the leader, and a little more honest, open & educated thought. While I cannot speak for all Americans, my sense is if we dissect the immunization conflict, we will find the root cause of concern, and there lies the onset of change. You know… change – evolution – the American way. The way in which we have always made things better. The exact thing that is desperately needed here.

Today, emotions are still high, and there is a clear divide that has exploded between the “vaxers” and the “anti-vaxers”, but this situation is both much simpler, as well as much more complex than it appears. That doesn’t make much sense…right?

What I mean is that the immunization situation is much simpler than it appears – I am not saying I know what the answer is because it needs some really smart, honest scientists working with some really smart “holistic” doctors in an uninfluenced environment. To find a new approach to vaccinations, they need to work together with only the best interest of our bodies in mind, and not of the businesses. However, at the same time, this problem really is a larger problem, that reaches far and wide, tugging at every “thing” – every substance – that actually either goes in or on our bodies. For the sake of making this a digestible article, and not a full-blown book, we will mostly stay with the issue at hand.

First, I have to admit that the actual science behind immunizations is brilliant. A small amount of the virus – either dead or weakened – is inserted into the blood stream of a “healthy” person, and is designed to trick the immune system into producing antibodies, as well as a memory of the virus, to help protect the body for (what we hope is) a lifetime, (and assuming the immune system stays strong). But that is not enough for me because this situation is not just black or white, but an imperative shade of gray.

A little history: In the late 1700’s, General George Washington was one of the first to experiment with inoculations. His Army, previously strong, and healthy, began to run out of food and clean water. At the same time, his men suffered through a terrible winter without proper clothing, shoes, blankets and wood to make a fire. The Soldiers immune systems plummeted under these conditions. They became weak and sick. Small Pox took hold of his Army. He lost 2,500 men at Valley Forge during that time, until he did something so daring, so cutting edge … They took “pus, from the pox of a victim who was no longer contagious (and it) was transferred to an open cut in an uninfected patient, thereby allowing him to build up an immunity to the disease.” (America The Story of Us, Baker, Pg. 54). And thank goodness, the gamble worked!

Fast-forward over 150 years, to the time when the hypodermic needle was made public. This needle allowed for a dead or weakened virus to neatly, and cleanly arrive within the blood stream. However, this now demanded a new need – vials of the virus being mass-produced needed something called an adjunct to allow the immunization to be effective. An adjuvant is a ‘helper’ substance added to vaccines to stimulate an immune response.  Without adjuvants, the vaccines do not work. Aluminum is the adjuvant most commonly used in vaccines. Professor Chris Shaw, PhD Neuroscience Research tells us in documentary The Greater Good, “Without the aluminum, the vaccine basically does not provide any long-term protection.” It helps it to “stick around longer to ensure an immune response”. Does anyone know what aluminum does when it settles into the brain? It’s not good. And since aluminum as an adjunct does help the immunization to stick around for months, this might explain why a child may have a “delayed reaction”, sadly.

So the adjuncts allow the virus to stick around purposely, to induce memory within the immune system, and we are not just talking about aluminum, but others such as mercury (aka Thimerosal), aluminum, formaldehyde, cells from aborted fetuses, cells from monkey kidneys, chicken embryos, viruses, antibiotics, yeast, Polysorbate 80, detergents, etc., There is also a great book by Heather Fraser entitled: The Peanut Allergy Epidemic. This book discusses how peanut oil were used in vaccines as an adjunct, and how it may have contributed to the peanut allergy epidemic that we see today.

Playing it safe: I am a person that plays it safe. I do not ride roller coasters, I do not let my kids out of my sight and I do not even eat cans of tuna fish if I can help it! I always err on the side of caution. I am also not an extremist, and I do believe in balance. So why in the world would I not vaccinate my children? Its not because it’s trendy, or I am an irresponsible mother. Its not because I am irrational or uneducated. It’s not because social media is feeding me “misinformation” and I am being “influenced”.

Its because when I go on the CDC’s website and read the ingredients in the vaccinations, I cringe. See this list for exact ingredients, supplied by the CDC:

And while it’s one thing to actually eat a can of tuna and potentially ingest mercury from the fish, food does go through the digestive tract. It goes through many processes to hopefully exit as waste, although you do run a risk of it traveling through the body, the intestines, the liver and blood stream, but at least you have a chance! (Unless you have a compromised GI tract, in which case you might not have the same functionalities).

Boiling over a lack of common sense: In the past few weeks, when I hear politicians and doctors say on television “I urge you to vaccinate your children” I shout out loud at the television – “I URGE you to take Mercury, Aluminum, Formaldehyde …Monkey kidney cells, etc. out of the vaccines” Then we can talk! Let me be clear: Mercury, Aluminum, Formaldehyde and the rest of the junk in these serums are not okay. It might be okay for the business to accomplish what they need to in terms of preserving the virus, but it is not okay for my small children to be bombarded with heavy metals & preservatives, shot directly into their blood stream. Bottom-line: Heavy metals are dangerous, no matter how small the amount.

So yes, I have been steaming over the one-sided news coverage. I have written on this topic in the past also, not only because my career focuses on health and wellness, but also because of my own personal experience with my daughter, Mia GraceMy daughters’ yearlong fight, with baseball-sized lesions all over her, along with what I suspected was some type of brief neuro difficulty, was a very frightening time. Not even the best doctors could tell me what was wrong. Multiple doctors dismissed me when I asked if this could be the result of the vaccines. I was also told it would have been an immediate reaction, which I now know is actually not true. Luckily after a year it worked itself out of her body, thanks to the steps that we took to Cleanse Mia. But what should we say to all of the parents whose children are permanently changed? And for all of those in the habit of dismissing this topic, here is a question to ponder: What if it was your child?

Following this ordeal, I put the breaks on vaccines, even more so then when I started out, which was already very, very slow. And 2 out of 3 pediatricians that I saw after this ordeal treated me like an uneducated, irresponsible, unreasonable and over-reactive parent. Honestly, it was borderline abusive at certain times. I humored them, didn’t argue, and moved on until I found someone reasonable, patient and understanding.

The whole ordeal only just fueled my fire. This led me to research and write the article: Too Much, Too Soon I rode the coattails of some great research done by some incredible pioneers from The Greater Good, and combined it with my own schooling, experiences, observations and my indisputable eternal & maternal Motherly intuition. Please do read.

Being open-minded to other philosophies, beliefs & practices: Many families believe that the body is made to be perfect and that we should not interfere with this gift. When someone from modern science hears this, they shrug it off. But this is a deep seeded belief, (either religious or spiritual), that we have everything we need within the body, as well as the natural foods and herbs, that allow the body to actually heal itself.

Also, Ancient Chinese Philosophy believes these childhood diseases – the same ones that our parents had – are the exact things that make our children’s immune system stronger. With this in mind, I wonder if more vaccines end up doing our children a disservice? Should we just focus on the life threatening viruses instead? Should we be worrying about things like Chicken Pox, which we ALL have had?  What it comes down to is, more vaccines are not always better, unless we are talking about the business end of it of course!

Time for change: This situation is absolutely no different than every other uprising throughout history. It’s a smaller group of people, demanding change, and asking how can we do it better? Isn’t that the goal of science and technology anyway? Isn’t that what we all strive for? Evolution.

When the “experts”, and “authorities” get on television and discredit what parents know to be true to their lives –dismissed without an ounce of consideration, I see that as down right irresponsible. When they say the vaccines are “safe”, I think to myself throughout history, have those in authoritative positions always been right? Of course not! There are thousands of examples where the “authorities” have been wrong – from things as long ago as the world was flat, to margarine was “heart healthy” (this is an interesting story) – and one day this will be added to that long list.

Some of the best tips that I have ever received in my life were told to me when I was a small child. I was told to “Beware of the voice of authority,” (when the situation lacks common sense)! To “think” things through. To “question” everything. And to “trust your instincts.” I have lived my life by these great tips. It is not easy, and while I am not trying to be difficult, some things just flat out don’t make sense!

One of more recent concepts that I have come to understand is to “replace fear with faith”. I have faith in my body. I have faith in my children’s body.   I have faith in you, and yours. And I have faith that over time, the government, the doctors and manufacturers will hear our call to bring about change. I have faith.

I am not afraid. Various elders have expressed their concern about our children not receiving many of the vaccines. These are the same people that have had the measles, mumps, and the chicken pox virus! And while it’s not desirable to have these illnesses, they are obviously here to tell us about them. So again, I have to ask, by constantly interfering with the body, plus pouring toxins into the blood stream, I question whether we are truly helping, or hurting, our immune systems.

My family, which constitutes me, my husband and our 2 children, do not take over the counter medicine when we are sick, because our belief is to allow our body to fight it out, (unless a fever becomes dangerously high)! We barely take prescription medicine either, (unless something seems too dangerous or is absolutely necessary). While we are reasonable, we do not run to the doctor over every little thing. We believe in supporting self-healing, without being reckless. Our belief is that there are foods and herbs to combat almost anything.

(Of course everyone must do what feels best to him or her – this is just what works best for us. However, if your child has a compromised immune system, then you definitely have more to consider regarding vaccines, food, health, etc. Either way, one of the best things that you can do is to focus upon strengthening the immune system, and eating the right foods to help protect your children!)

Let’s start in the Pantry! This is the Giant Pink Elephant in the room! We are sitting here complaining about diseases, and the question is, how many of you are eating healthy – truly healthy? Does the majority of the population understand that we – the parents – actually have more control over our children’s health than we know?

I know that I give my children everything that they need to super charge their immune system, while still allowing them to be a kid, and not feel isolated in modern America. I go way out of my way every single day to ensure that everything they eat is of the best quality and of the best versions that I can make. It’s a lot of work – physical, mental & emotional energy. It’s a big commitment. And it’s a lot of money – but it beats having low energy, feeling sick, taking days off of school/work, running to the doctors, paying co-pays, deductibles, etc, which is REALLY expensive too! It’s both my personal & professional belief which centers around using “food as thy medicine”, and that is what we do – provide the body with what it needs to heal, strengthen and support the body.

So, if you want to protect your children, start in the pantry. Throw out the junk food from the house, classroom, birthday parties, grab bags, and grandparent’s house! These “Franken-foods” are disastrous to our bodies. Once in a while your body can handle it – Six times per day, every day, your body cannot. Your body’s internal mechanisms are not able to both build & protect at the same time. It’s one or the other.

Also, to add insult to injury, what we have been trained to think is healthy, often is not. I see this all the time.   So true education is imperative. Let’s put a stop to unhealthy “food” circulating, because it’s these things that continue to set us back. Let’s make “healthy” trendy in our children’s lives, and start new traditions. Let’s free up their little immune system to operate efficiently and effectively!

Protecting our children from toxins: Please read Too Much, Too Soon , as it focuses on the additional burden that the toxins put on those little bodies and why. But to be really honest with you, it does go much deeper than just the immunizations as I stated earlier on.

It’s also the water that we drink, bath & swim in, the foods that we eat (GMO, pesticides, herbicides, etc), and the air that we breathe, the creams & such we put on our bodies and the compounds that we are exposed to in our daily lives. Like I said, this is a much bigger problem, but as overwhelming as that is, take each topic, one by one, and slowly make changes. Have patience with yourself. But please do start somewhere.

 Start improving their little immune systems: This is a 2-pronged approach. First you need to take out the assailants, but secondly, you also need to add in nutritious foods that will build and protect their little bodies. This article might help. Read: Immunizations: A guide to Helping Our Children Naturally “Detoxify”)

We have EVERYTHING at our fingertips today. I can get coconuts from Thailand, cacao from South America, herbs from the Amazon, seaweed from Japan, and wild salmon from Alaska. We have the best of everything to super charge our bodies.

Yet right now, as I write a portion of this article, I am sitting at a massive children’s gym, starring at an array of vending machines designed to attract the eye and trick the body into eating and drinking more. These children, sweating from activities, then replenish their bodies with Soda, colored ice cream dots (what the heck is this garbage anyway?), and a snack machine with everything that you can think of. What’s going into these kid’s bodies right now is depressing. What are these children learning about food? What damage is happening to their body right now, at this very moment, slowly, consistently and daily? And even more annoying is that I have to tell my small children “no, sorry, these items are not good for you” when they are wondering why “everyone else gets to eat them.”

So Let’s start here. Let’s put corporate revenue aside, and convenience, and lets do what is best for these kids… and if I can be so dramatic – what’s best for humanity.

Where there is smoke, there is fire: I haven’t heard of 1 story on the news that tells the thousands of stories of heartache following immunizations. These people have been beat up, and dismissed, even though they know, without a shadow of a doubt, that their children were perfectly healthy. Within hours, weeks and months following 1 or more vaccinations, their perfectly healthy, well functioning child deteriorated rapidly, and tragically, sometimes permanently. This heart breaking, life-changing tragedy is then compounded by doctors dismissing what they know to be true.

Every scenario is different, every person is biochemically unique and every person’s tolerance and ability to detoxify may be at a different point. This could mean they receive the additional burden of toxins from vaccines more severely. But the question still remains, why wouldn’t we want to protect our children from these toxic compounds? Also, are all vials created equally when they are mass-produced? What about human error? Mechanically error? Answers that we are not privy to…

While I am not a doctor, I am a mom with my own experiences, I am a health and wellness consultant and I am a person that uses common sense.   These are my opinions and are based on my years of studies, but everyone should do what is right for them. However the one thing that we should all be in agreement on, in a united stance, is the fact that the toxins in the vaccines are not okay to be pumped into our children’s blood stream, where these heavy metals and preservatives circulate through their body & brains. Here lies the irony. The dichotomy. The divide. These contradictory words, by leaders who we should blindly trust under the heading of Science, seems to be nothing more to me than stagnant science, lacking common sense and only sets us back 100 years. Therefore, I offer this writing as a way to URGE the medical community to be BRAVE enough to listen up, and let’s make a change together so that we can mend this gap.

Ann Marie De Gregoria
Holistic Nutrition Therapist
~Food As Thy Medicine~
Balanced 4 Life Nutrition

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"Let thy food be thy medicine"

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