Dear Ann Marie, I came to you because of the success my sister had following your advice for her Rheumatoid Arthritis. I too have RA and was diagnosed 4 years ago with higher levels than my sister.

Upon coming to you I was unable to get out of bed in the morning without pain. My feet hurt so much that I shuffled down the hall barely lifting my feet. I went down the stairs in my home backwards because that was easier. I had trouble opening faucets, holding a crochet hook, and baking!  I was almost 230 lbs and the numbers were rising due to lack of movement!

I was taking Humera injections, Prednisone, Hydrocodone (Vicodin) & Altram for pain and Leflonimide & Plaquinol for my disease. I was stressed over what all these meds were doing to my insides!

Since coming to you the end of September, you have taught me what foods are GOOD, and what foods were not, including what foods are supportive to my one remaining kidney, (which I lost to Cancer).

Ann Marie, you have encouraged and guided me through this process with your knowledge and love! You have showed me the importance of taking time for ME! You have taught me to be kind to myself when I slip and go off my food plan… and that there are good substitutes for what used to be my favorite foods!

Today, I feel amazing & I am down 22 1/2 lbs! I have chosen to stop my Humera injections and have not taken a pain pill in SEVEN weeks!! I am going to the gym with my husband several times a week and am riding the stationary bike for 1/2 hour!! My energy is through the roof! I am able to do so much more in the course of my day.

So, in closing I want to thank you! I am blessed and grateful to you for your continued love & support! Thank you for helping me find my way back to good health! I realize I am a work in progress! God’s not done with me yet! And I look forward to the rest of this journey…and traveling it with your guidance!

With love & gratitude, Catherine, Islip Terrace, NY

Ann Marie, I had been experiencing peri-menopausal hormonal imbalance, hot flashes, weight gain and lifting fingernails.  I consulted with Ann Marie to diagnose my issues, and created a modified diet and nutrition plan.  Her passion and confidence in my healing was inspiring, and ignited a spark of confidence in myself as well.  Also discussed were the effects and management of external environmental toxins.  Within days of changing my diet, my symptoms began to subside.  After two weeks, my body began to stabilize, my weight began to decrease, and my fingernails were clearing up and reattaching to the nailbed.  I have found Ann Marie’s knowledge, guidance, and encouragement to be a blessing.  She has taught me the skills to achieve balance.
~Lisa A., Baldwin NY
Ann Marie, Just wanted to thank you for all your help. Samantha had a follow up today with the doctor, and her inflammation has gone down, as of now Sam will not go on any new meds and the doctor has decreased the amount of napersin to half.
Great Job. And I called Bruce to thank him as well for recommending you to me.  Thanks again see you soon.
Tammy, Steve and Samantha – Jericho NY

Ann Marie, I wanted to let you know that since you began guiding me to a healthy lifestyle I have had a profound new outlook on my life, mind and body. Being diagnosed with a Thyroid disease was difficult because I was at a loss of how to help my issue. Since you have been helping me I am happy to say that my thyroid seems to be functioning well with the supplements, foods and spiritual guidance that you have taught me. Without your assistance and your concern I would not be where I am today and today I am happy with my new found healthy life along with loving who I am. You truly are a wonderful person who cares about my physical, emotional and spiritual health. I thank you for all that you have done for me. I look forward to continuing to work with you on my path for a healthier me.

FRV~ Connecticut, US

Ann Marie, I am writing to thank you for your in-depth & inspirational education. Thanks to you I not only crossed some boundaries nutritionally, but spiritually as well.  You touched me… Inspired me… I now see that our connection to food is more than just being aware of our diets. 

Nutritionally, the wholesome foods that I have incorporated has helped bring a sense of calm, well being and renewed health, as well as feeling energized during the day, and sleeping so much better at night.  Additionally, you have helped open my eyes to the sobering reports on food today, and taught me how to lessen my exposure to substances that may cause me harm.  You taught me how to use food as my medicine.  

Spiritually, I am thankful to you for reminding me that we are all basically whole & complete, and for encouraging me to look within.  You helped me to become more aware of holistic practices of meditation, yoga, deep breathing & being present…

You are a beacon amid the stormy seas of confusion… Thank you. 

VC, Massapequa, NY

Ann Marie, After working with you for 1 month, I dropped my overall cholesterol number by almost 100 points and my LDL is now down 70 points. I am now going in the right direction and you had a large part to do with it so I have to thank you for all your help!

~Anthony S., Bethpage, NY

Ann Marie: I wanted to thank you for the coaching on my diet regarding my migraine headaches. By cutting out certain foods, the headaches disappeared in just a weeks time!  It has also helped me cut a few pounds, AND has given me more energy throughout the day!  Much thanks again for the great advice. You have changed my life!

~Mark S. Freeport, NY

Dear Ann Marie, I am writing you to express my sincere thanks for all you have done for me. I met you with such bad arthritis in my hands I could barley hold a mug, button a blouse, tie a shoe or hold my grandchildren. I also had no energy, was not sleeping well and was gaining weight.

The nutritional knowledge that you shared with me to change my diet has transformed me into a different person within just 2 weeks!  I now have no pain in my hands for the first time in years, and the swelling in my finger joints has gone down.

I am losing weight, sleeping better and have so much energy as a result of your guidance. I look forward to many years of continuing to be educated from your expertise on nutrition so I may continue to feel as wonderful as I do today.

~Debra S., Stony Brook, NY