Immunizations: Mia Grace’s Story

Immunizations: Mia Grace’s Story

As a mom, I witnessed my 15 month old baby girl developing more than 20+ lesions all over her body for a period of a year.  These lesions were the size of baseballs, grapefruits or believe it or not, larger in some cases.  Luckily, she was (and still is) a perfectly healthy, incredibly strong, smart and vibrant little girl.

When the lesions started to emerge, she started to bang on her head in pain and was unsteady on her feet.  She was falling when she normally wouldn’t have.  My mother’s intuition was on high alert!  I knew something was wrong ….  And the lesions began to grow, daily.

Immediately, I did what my intuition told me to do.  I knew that the body detoxifies through the skin, and that something obviously was trying to get out – I had to help her!   I instinctively did everything I knew to “detox” her.  I loaded her up on a number of detoxifying substances, some of which I have listed in my article: Help the Children Detox!

At the same time, I brought her to so many top doctors, but no one had an answer for me.  They all meant well, but this was something they hadn’t seen before.   There were so many roads we went down… was it Lyme Disease, Leukemia, an Auto-immune Disease, an allergy, just a bug bite or heavy metal poisoning?  I searched everywhere, I started awareness campaigns, I reached out to every person I knew, and to their networks as well…  I called dozens of doctors and centers all over the US….  It was a frightening time and no one could tell me what was going on with our baby.

One doctor took a biopsy of her skin.  Mia’s white blood cells, specifically her Eosinophils, were elevated.  They explained that this could have been caused by:

a)    bacteria
b)    viral
c)    a bug bite/ parasite
d)    toxin/ metal

The bacterial scenario, (as well as a bug bite/parasite) was ruled out since she was put on heavy antibiotics – Tetracycline, the strongest type of antibiotics, (made for adults only).  This was a terrible idea since it caused her to wake screaming in pain  (updated 2019 – Mia’s adult teeth are now damaged from the Tetracycline).

The doctors also ruled out a virus.  So that left a toxin/metal.

She was never really diagnosed – however one sort after doctor from John Hopkins called it a possible Well’s Syndrome “type” – an “Auto Immune” reaction of sorts – because he didn’t know what to call it.  But if you read about Well’s Syndrome, you realize that Mia’s condition does not fit into this category, and the doctor knew it too.  Nonetheless, one night something pulled me out of bed in the middle of the night, and ironically I found an article that stated that the tetanus immunization was linked to Well’s Syndrome.

See below for supportive research from the NIH linking vaccines to auto-immune conditions!


Parenthood is an amazing experience, and motherhood is even more amazing. As a mother I grew, carried and delivered my children.  From day one, I looked into my children’s eyes and I understood every single eye roll, rub of the eyes, blink, cry, fever, pain, sigh, happiness, word, walk, breath.  And I watched every moment of both their lives – I barely missed a second, luckily.  It has been an amazing gift.  It also allows me (and my husband) to know them better than absolutely anyone on this planet, doctors included.

From birth, our compromise was to give our children immunizations, but at a slow rate.  It took a while, but we found a doctor that would work with us regarding Mia’s immunization schedule! My criteria:

-As slow as absolutely possible
-Only what was absolutely necessary
-Always spread out

Immediately following Mia’s second vaccine, 2 weeks after the 1st – (she was 4 months of age), as we pulled away from the doctors, I sat in the back with her and watched her eyes roll in the back of her head.  I freaked.  This was different.  Something was wrong.  I prayed over her with all my might that she would not be damaged.  Sadly, this is exactly what is continuously reported by moms who have children that were damaged by the vaccines.  The site blew up and she ran a fever following.

During the time between the 2nd vaccine and the 3rd, I remember saying to my mom and husband, “something is wrong – her eyes are not right.”  It would happen occasionally though, where I would get a glance of her and think that she looked damaged.  I learned later that the lingering adjuncts could infact cause neurological issues (see 37 page link), and that is what I saw.

At 10 months she was given her third shot, the DTap immunization.  At 11 months we gave her the forth shot, the Polio vaccine.  She had the “usual” reaction. ( My kids ALWAYS get a very large, localized reaction that lasts for weeks under their skin.  The doctors consider this normal, but common sense begs the question, “where does all that “stuff” go?”  The localized swelling eventually disperses through the body, but what about all of the substances that make up the immunization?  It must settle somewhere.  Does it sit dormant until ignited?  Does it rear its ugly head when the body is overloaded and it is not able to handle any more “stress”?!

Vaccines have mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, preservatives and more in them.  Aluminum specifically is designed to stick around in your system so that the vaccine actually is effective (See article: Immunizations: Too Much, Too Soon).  So could this have been the cause…??? Was her body busy dealing with the toxins injected in her for months, and then something small triggered an overload in her body?  Could it have been that Mia’s little immune system just couldn’t keep up?

I absolutely believe this was the last standing culprit – a toxin, specifically a metal.  Based on the type of skin reaction, her imbalance, how she was pounding on her head, and the length of time that it took to leave her body.  This is my mother’s intuition and I stand behind it.

I remember saying to the doctors, “could this have been from the immunizations?”  As you can imagine, the answer was always “no, of course not”, because if it were, it would be immediate.  Well, as I have learned, immunizations cause 2 types of reactions – an immediate anaphylactic reaction OR a much slower, more gradual, delayed reaction.   (See article: Immunizations: Too Much, Too Soon)

The most insulting part of this is that moms like me are dismissed by the medical community, despite what we know to be true, and what we have seen by observing OUR children day in and day out, their entire little lives.  Furthermore, as for me, I have studied the cells and the organs in detail… I have studied the detoxification system, neurological system, endocrine system, etc – I study all the time.  I have done years of research.  I put in the time on both ends.

Additionally, I also pay attention to gifts that we all have access to –  our ability to question, our ability to use common sense to discern & our heightened sense of intuition.  It didn’t add up, and the doctors knew it to, because they took pictures to use in their medical books.

When BOTH my children get immunizations, they BOTH have the same EXACT reaction within a few weeks after the immunization. The reaction I am talking about for my son, is the same EXACT unique bumps that Mia had just before they turned into full blown lesions.  This is enough for me to protect my children.

And finally, I am so lucky that I listened to my motherly instinct to detoxify Mia immediately!  Because autism shows very clear links to the body being overloaded and not being able to detoxify.  When I talk of detoxifying, I mean that I added certain foods, herbs & supplements into Mia’s diet that are designed to escort toxins out of her body, act as antioxidants, boost her immune system and flood her body with vitamins, minerals and important oils.  It also meant that I removed foods that caused her body “stress”, so that it would free her body up to naturally fight what it needed to.  I used the concept that I have always believed in, from the time I was a child…  as my grandmother would tell me, use Food As Thy Medicine.

I wonder sometimes: Did detoxifying her and pumping up her immune system save her from the possibility of permanent damage?  I believe that it did.  It helped my baby get whatever it was OUT of her system?  It is a good practice to follow, whatever you decide.  

My best, Ann Marie

One of the smaller lesions Mia had...

One of the smaller lesions Mia had…







-THIS IS HOW I HELPED MIA: Immunizations: A guide to Helping Our Children Naturally “Detoxify”

-Please read:  Immunizations:Too Much, Too Soon?

-Vaccinations: Research that pokes huge holes (RESEARCH TO GUIDE YOU):

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Thank you Brian Rogers for all this excellent research – Read more at

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