Immunizations: A guide to Helping Our Children Naturally “Detoxify”

Immunizations: A guide to Helping Our Children Naturally “Detoxify”

Regardless of your stance on immunizations, it actually is a subset of a much bigger problem – one that we ALL should be in agreement on!  Our children have enough on their plate, just battling the toxins and chemicals that they ingest, breath, drink or absorb every single day, and their inner systems are struggling to keep up!

I write this article as a Holistic Nutrition Therapist, AND as a Mom who jumped into action the minute that I saw my daughter “going down”.  I have studied, read and advocated for this topic for 6 years now… Bottom line, we MUST support our children’s natural detoxification system so that they can actually detoxify the onslaught of chemicals & toxins that come their way, every single day!  Their detoxification system absolutely needs support!

The ability for a body to naturally detoxify itself could make all the difference between a child that is healthy and a child that falls “sick”.  Dr. John Green III was interviewed in the movie The Greater Good, and here is what he had to say: “There’s studies looking at children’s hair for mercury showing autistic children excreting much less mercury compared to other children. Clearly there’s some inability to get rid of the toxics so they’re more susceptible.”  I suspect that this is true for many types of “mysterious illnesses”, like my daughter’s “condition” for instance (Read: Mia’s Story).

There are specific foods that are designed to boost our immune system, fight oxidation, and escort metals & toxins out of our bodies… And it is my opinion, based on my own personal experience with my daughter, that this can be an effective method.  Furthermore, I believe that both PRIOR to an immunization, as well as AFTER the immunization is administered, a child’s immune system absolutely needs these types of detoxifying foods to help out!

Top 5 “foods” to REMOVE from your child’s diet to boost their Immune System:

  1. Sugars – Cut out all processed sugars (both the realized sugars, and the hidden sugars)!  This absolutely weakens their immune system!
  2. Gluten - There is evidence that supports that the genetically modified gluten substances does tax our immune system, so it is my suggestion to cut down (or ideally, remove gluten altogether) during this time.  (Wheat gluten is the most common form ingested)
  3. Fruit juices – Many fruit juices actually contain no fruit at all… instead they contain artificial coloring, flavoring and just plain sugar.  Steer clear of these “fruit juices”, especially during this time!  (Unless you freshly squeeze your own!)
  4. Dyes – Chemical dyes are synthetic substances that are hidden in more food than you think!  They are toxic and are hazardous to our children’s health. Petroleum is a substance used in the synthesis of artificial coloring… yum!
  5. Chemical Toxins – By eating organic, all this means is to eat foods without pesticides, herbicides, artificial ingredients, or chemical preservatives. (Aren’t  you wondering why we all are not eating organic???)

Top 10 foods to add to the diet

  1. Vitamin C – Vitamin C is just so very helpful for our immune system.  Vitamin C is safe to take because it is a water soluble vitamin.  If not used by our body, it will be flushed out through the urine.  You can accomplish this through supplements, but also through foods high in vitamin C!
  2. Quercetin is a powerful plant chemical (bioflavonoid) found in Garlic, Onions and apples to name a few… It is an antioxidant and is specifically helpful for those with allergies and inflammation.
  3. Greens – Go green!  Kale, spinach, parsley, cucumbers, broccoli… are healthy foods that do not have overly strong tastes.  They are easily hidden in pesto, ice-pops, “ice cream” shakes (made of Greek yogurt or Kefir of course) and more…
  4. Berries - These are sweet, colorful and attractive to kids!  They are packed with phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidants.
  5. Wild salmon – Provides the much needed omega 3 oils! Omega 3 converts to an anti-inflammatory chemical and enhances the immune system.
  6. Coconut oil – Ahh, so much to say – possess anti-microbial, anti- bacterial, anti-viral and anti-oxidant properties. Helpful in “detoxing”…  and tastes great!
  7. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Possess anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties!
  8. Seaweed – “Yeah right! How am I going to get my kid to eat this?” I know…  So it will be easier if your kid is younger, but if not, just try to bury some in their food since you just need a little!  OR go out for sushi – that’s a way to introduce it!  Seaweed is known to bind to metals and escort them out.  It also adds many wonderful minerals!  Buy seaweed rice cakes OR sprinkle some on brown rice!
  9. Kefir (grass fed, organic) – Kefir is very helpful for the immune system, has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to balance the intestinal flora, which is extremely important for a healthy immune system.
  10. Drink FILTERED Water! Lots of it.  It will help to flush out the toxins, keep your blood balanced and your cells operating optimally!

The existing burden that our children carry around every day is just too much.  They are constantly exposed to processed “foods”, laden with all kinds of toxins – GMOs, pesticides, dyes, chemicals and preservatives.  Then there are toxins hidden in plastics, hidden in our skin care products and in the air that we breathe.  By the time our children get an immunization, their bodies have to now manage the Mercury, Aluminum, Formaldehyde, and Preservatives that are injected straight into their blood. Please read: Immunizations – Too Much, Too Soon?

If we help to activate & support our children’s natural detoxifying and healing systems, then they will have the help they need to operate optimally to remove toxic substances! We certainly do not want their systems to back up, causing harmful toxins to stick around and potentially deposit in their organs.  By leveraging “Food as Thy Medicine” we can give our kids the tools they need to rid their bodies of unwanted substances that they inevitably will accumulate daily!

The body is capable of amazing things… but it needs the right tools to do so!

Ann Marie De Gregoria, Holistic Nutritionist Therapist & Reiki Master

Food As Thy Medicine~
Balanced 4 Life Nutrition


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